Swim Team - Volunteers

Parents -- sign-up to volunteer here:


Please note that ALL parents of swim team members are required to volunteer at two meets during the season. Sign-ups will be online again this summer! More information will be available after meet dates are established. This means that you need to perform one of the volunteer positions shown below at two meets. Volunteer descriptions follow:

Timer (split into two sessions). Timer is responsible for using a stopwatch to time the swimmer in your designated lane. There are two timers per lane, one representing PVRA, another volunteer is from the competing team. PVRA has four lanes, some of the other teams we swim against have six or eight lanes, so we either need four, six or eight volunteers per session.

Runner (split into two sessions). Runner is responsible for collecting swim cards from the timer in each lane and bringing them to the score table.

Scorer (full meet). Scorer is responsible to score the meet. You will be given detailed instructions and brief training. There will be two scorers (one from each team).

8U and 10U Age Group Helpers. Help is needed to “collect” the kids and make sure that they are lined up and ready to race. Two helpers are needed for each age group.

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