PVRA Snack Shack

Welcome to The Shack! Our snack bar area is intended to be a service to PVRA members and guests. We are not a commercial kitchen. We provide simple, ready-made foods that are a great way to take the edge off your hunger during a busy day at the pool. While our signature item is our Island Oasis smoothies, we offer a broad range of foods to help satisfy your appetite while you're at PVRA.

We make every effort to offer healthy snacks. We’ve been asked NOT to provide candy and soda so you will not find this on our menu. We are also open to suggestions so please contact the managers listed below with your ideas.

The Snack Shack Coordinates concessions for all home swim meets and our staff is there to assist during larger, member events at the pool. During the season, we operate according the basic schedule (see link) below. However, please be aware that if the weather is poor we will close early or not open at all since we have to be sure that our sales cover our operating costs.

We respectfully ask that patrons of the PVRA Snack Shack are mindful of their trash. We hope that you’ll also remind young children of the importance of maintaining the cleanliness of our club. Please use trash receptacles and let us know if they need to be emptied and we will be happy to do so.

For the 2017 season, we have changed the Snack Shack to use a cloud based software system to manage payments.  This will result in some changes:
  • You will now be able to pay by credit card including Apple & Android pay.
  • The new software does not support member accounts, but
  • If you wish you can leave a credit card on file so that purchase maybe made without the card present
    • A receipt will be automatically and immediately e-mailed to the card holder when a purchase is made in this manner.
    • Purchases made without a card present will be limited to a maximum of $15.
    • You may delete your card information from the system at any point by simply clicking on a link in the e-mailed receipt.
    • Credit Card information is held by Square (the software company) and not locally.  PVRA will not be able to access this information except for the last 4 digits on the card.
  • You will also be able to pay by cash as well.

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