Procedure and Passes

All members are expected to sign-in and present “passes” for their guests before entering the PVRA.


While we realize that it is the privilege of members to invite their guests to the PVRA pool, bear in mind that PVRA exists principally for the benefit of its members. Because of the size of the pool and the number of families who are members of PVRA, the following "reasonable" restrictions must be placed on the number of guests allowed:

  • The guest passes are available in sets of 10 at a cost of $50 and can purchased with a check payable to PVRA from the lifeguards. The guest passes are not refundable; however, they may be used from year-to-year.
  • A maximum of ten (10) guests per family in good standing will be allowed to use the facilities on any one day.
  • A Guest Pass must be provided for EACH individual guest.
  • The PVRA member has the responsibility of ensuring that all guests are properly registered. This registration is mandatory because of insurance liability.
  • PVRA deeded residents – either owner, renter or their children – who have opted not to join PVRA for a particular season may not be considered as guests of any active member.
  • PVRA members may sponsor the same guest a maximum of five (5) times per season.
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