Realtors/Home Buyers - Be sure to make sure the property is current on it's PVRA fees prior to closing.  See Realtors' Responsibility section below for more details.

Overview for Realtors

Pleasantview Recreational Association (PVRA) is a neighborhood pool and tennis club located in northern Ridgefield, CT. From Memorial Day to Labor Day our kid-friendly swim team, family picnics, tennis matches, an impromptu basketball or volleyball game, or a festive band night-provide plenty of family summer fun! The facility was originally created by a local builder to enhance community spirit while providing a valuable asset to each home he built. There is a unique culture of neighborhood friendliness and camaraderie at PVRA – it’s something special that consistently earns us the title of “best pool club in Ridgefield”.

As a private, not-for-profit association of 225 homeowners, we have an active, volunteer Board of Directors and we follow operating guidelines which are laid out in our official Bylaws. Most of the PVRA properties are located on Keeler Drive, Beaver Brook, Langstroth, Scodon, Evergreen, Pheasant, Sophia, Chipmunk, Ridgebury, Aaron's Court, Powdermaker, Keeler Court, School House, Canterbury and Turtle Ridge -- although not all properties on these streets are necessarily a part of our association.

There is often confusion and misinformation related to the term “deeded rights” as it relates to joining PVRA. To be clear -- there is not a single property in Ridgefield that has a deed which references of the owner’s right to belong to The Pleasantview Recreational Association. Conversely, the 225 properties referenced above are simply listed in our Charter and Bylaws and the owners of these properties MAY join our association IF they abide by all membership requirements AND all dues and fees are current.


Annual Member Obligations

Families who own a property listed in our bylaws have 3 options every year:

  1. They can join the association as an ACTIVE member (this includes “regular” and “senior” memberships). Note: first time members are required by our bylaws to pay a one-time-only initiation fee in addition to the membership dues for that year. First year dues are always prorated if new families move into the area midway through the summer.
  2. They can choose not to join the association but pay a modest maintenance fee which covers non-operational expenses for the association. Those paying the maintenance fee are considered “current” in their obligation for any given year.
  3. They can choose to pay absolutely nothing and thereby move to “delinquent” status.

Realtors’ Responsibility

Any realtor that is representing one of the 225 properties listed in the PVRA Bylaws for sale MUST determine whether the seller of this property is current with their obligation to the association BEFORE they can make a legal claim that a new buyer would have unencumbered rights to join the association. The vast majority of our properties are current, but there are a few homeowners who have decidedly chosen not to pay the annual maintenance fee or to join the club as members for over a decade and their past-due fees have grown substantial. Correspondingly, these past-due fees represent a point of negotiation between buyer and seller – and the discussion concerning them should not be avoided until the day of the closing.

Real Estate Agents should contact the PVRA Board of Directors to determine the eligibility and payment status of any property claiming deeded PVRA rights. Failure to do so will create confusion and ill-will at your closing and the new owners may be left with a large debt and a feeling that their property was misrepresented by your agency. PVRA is NOT a taxing authority and hence we will never place liens on any properties for past-due balances. We can and will, however, deny membership to owners of said properties until such balances are remitted in full.

It is a very simple process to verify the status of a property. Simply email us at with your name and affiliation, the address of the property in question and a quick note indicating that you would like to verify the payment status of this property. We will respond to these inquiries promptly.


Guest Membership

The PVRA offers guest memberships to a limited number of families living in non-deeded properties in the nearby community. Guest members enjoy all of the benefits of deeded members except:

  1. They cannot vote on policy matters related to the association.
  2. Their membership is non-transferable.
  3. The rate structure for “guest” membership may differ from the regular membership fees.

Currently the waiting period for guest membership is about 3-4 years. Note that a family purchasing a home which is listed in our charter (i.e. a chartered property) but has a past-due balance from previous owners CANNOT simply avoid these fees and join PVRA as guest members.

Families interest in becoming guest members simply need to complete the online form indicating their name, address and phone.


Visiting PVRA

Realtors and/or prospective homebuyers in the area are welcome to visit PVRA during normal operating hours. We ask that you check-in at the sign-in desk and simply alert the attendant that you are here for a quick tour of our facility. Your visit will not allow you to use the facility – but it will give you a first-hand look at our wonderful club. If a guard or staff member is available, they would be happy to show you around personally. (Our address is 48 Powdermaker Drive.)

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