Pleasantview Recreational Association (PVRA) is a neighborhood pool and tennis club located in Ridgefield, CT. From our kid-friendly swim team, family picnics, tennis matches, an impromptu basketball or volleyball game, or a festive band night-we're here to build family summer fun!

The PVRA is a private, not-for-profit association of 225 deeded homeowners in northern Ridgefield. The facility was originally created by a local builder to enhance community spirit while providing a valuable asset to each home he built.

The 6-acre property includes:

  • Heated Pool
  • Kids splash pad
  • New Pool house
  • Tennis courts
  • Swings & play-sets
  • Ball fields
  • Basketball court
  • Beach volleyball court
  • Bocce court
  • Pond

What We Offer

We have a popular summer swim team program offering fun 5-day per week swim instruction and practice for children ages 6 and up. We have a professional coaching staff and a supportive, team-oriented spirit. We also offer individual and group swim and tennis lessons. Each year, the PVRA sponsors a variety of social including a meet-and-greet picnic, an adult band party party, teddy-bear picnic & much more.


Chartered Membership

Most of the chartered properties are located on Keeler Drive, Beaver Brook, Langstroth, Scodon, Evergreen, Pheasant, Sophia, Chipmunk, Ridgebury, Aaron's Court, Powdermaker, Keeler Court, Canterbury and Turtle Ridge -- although not all properties on these streets are necessarily chartered.

Each year, homeowners with chartered rights may elect to join PVRA as an active member or maintain their charter in current status by paying a modest maintenance fee. For more information on our annual active member and maintenance fees, please contact the PVRA Board of Directors.

Prospective buyers or Real Estate Agents should contact the PVRA Board of Directors to determine the eligibility and payment status of any property claiming chartered PVRA rights.


Guest Membership

The PVRA offers guest memberships to a limited number of non-deeded families living in the nearby community. If you would like to become a guest member please complete our online form. The waiting list is filled on a "first come, first serve" basis.

Guest members enjoy all of the benefits of deeded members except they cannot vote on policy matters related to the association and their rights are non-transferable.

Currently the waiting period is about 2 years.

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